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Limited early birds offer: 39€ incl. VAT (MWSt) instead of 79€ monthly, cancelleable anytime. Free 7 days trial.

Congrats, you found the best price! This price is a one-time offer and is only available to the 200 first orders: It will never be proposed anymore.
Licenses left:

Only in this license

5 devices

You get a 5 devices license. This means that you can connect at the same time multiple devices to the same database. For more, either disconnect one, or buy more licenses.

Up to 24 Modules

Lyvia is already configured with a lot of modules: Contacts, Users, Projets, Invoices.... You can get up to 24 of these modules, or even configure some of them yourself!

Centralised database

Don't worry about your infrastructure! Your data is stored and secured on multiple servers, and can grow as your needs grow.

10Gb space for your documents

Upload and work with up to 10Gb of space for your documents.

Compatible everywhere

Use your Lyvia on all your systems! For Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10), Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone!

The unique flexibility functionalities of Lyvia

Generate Documents!

Create very easily document templates using your preferred tools and generate any kind of document automatically! (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, E-Mails, Text files, XML, Webpages, CSV, JSON ...). The generation is also possible if you don't have Office tools installed!

WYSIWYG Software Editor

Do you need a new fonctionnality ? Expand Lyvia, design your interfaces and databases at the same time, without noticing it!

Excel function

Want to use some complex calculations? Lyvia fully supports Excel functions in multiple fields: Automatic data calculations, access rights, dynamic fields display, ...


The best part is all of this is REALLY AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLY REALLY simple. You'll master the software in no-time, and could even create your first functions with just a little training!