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The New Way to specify imagine design implement deploy software.

Not interested in flexibility, but in functionnality? Your choice! To get an overview about WHAT can generate Lyvia, just start the software!. (Still, having a look at flexibility will show you how you will spare money in the future)

The unique flexibility functionalities of Lyvia

Generate Documents!

Create very easily document templates using your preferred tools (Excel, Word, Mails...) and generate any kind of document automatically! (Generation of XML, Webpages, CSV, ... is also possible!)

WYSIWYG Software Editor

Design your interfaces and databases at the same time, without noticing it!

Excel function

Want to use some complex calculations? Lyvia fully supports Excel functions in multiple fields: Automatic data calculations, access rights, dynamic fields display, ...

Compatible everywhere

Create your components once, and they get duplicated in realtime on all systems! For Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10), Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and even Blackberry!

Do not stay alone

Lyvia is made for communication and provides multiple interfaces to communicate with the outside world!


The best part is all of this is REALLY AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLY simple. You'll create your first functions in minutes!